Set Up Process

Step 1:

Open V810T Box Via Pull Up Flap

Step 2:

Unpack Contents Of The Box

  • Home Phone Connect Router
  • Power Cube
  • Power Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Step 3:

Install Sim Card

  • Remove the battery cover
  • Slide the sim into the sim slot (be sure to here the click)

Step 4:

Install Battery

  • Open the battery cover
  • Put three batteries into the battery compartment
  • Put the battery cover back in place (just as it was prior to step 3)

Step 5:

Turn on the V810T

  • Press and hold the power button

Step 6:

Connect Telephone to the V810T

  • Plug the telephone cord into one of the telephone ports on the back of the V810T

Step 7 (optional):

Assemble power cord (power cube + power cable)

Step 8 (optional):

Connect power cord to wall outlet and to the Home Phone Connect Router