Why Don't Rural Areas in America Have Good Internet?

There are many reasons why many rural areas across America may not have great internet options. Let’s go through some of the reasons to better understand why there is a void and how HomeFi is helping fill the gap with our LTE routers.

1. Lack of Infrastructure

One reason is that it is often more expensive to build and maintain internet infrastructure in rural areas due to the lower population density and greater distances between homes and businesses. Additionally, there may be geographical challenges, such as rugged terrain or inclement weather, that make it difficult to install and maintain internet infrastructure.

HomeFi’s Solution: We use the existing infrastructure in rural areas. Specifically, we use LTE cellular towers! These are much easier to build and maintain, so it makes sense for our routers to use the existing LTE cellular signal to power our devices and give internet service where it otherwise wouldn’t exist or be very spotty and unreliable.

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2. Small, Local Providers That Lack Resources

Another reason is that many rural areas are served by small, local internet service providers (ISPs) that may not have the resources to invest in upgrading their networks to provide high-speed internet. Furthermore, many residents may not be able to afford high-speed internet service even if it is available.

HomeFi’s Solution: We partner with the largest cellular providers in America - Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, so we are providing the most powerful signal available in the area.

3. Lack of Competition

Finally, the lack of competition among ISPs in rural areas can also contribute to the lack of good internet options. In many rural areas, there may only be one or two ISPs serving the area, which means that residents have limited choices when it comes to internet service providers. Maybe Satellite is available, but that has proven to be very expensive and often unreliable for consumers.

HomeFi’s Solution: Our devices automatically switch to the strongest LTE provider in the area, so you’re not locked into one carrier. We will automatically change you to the strongest, even if you are traveling!

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