What is the difference between the LTE Router and the Portable Router?

If you're familiar with HomeFi you know that we have two routers that we sell.

1. The Portable Wireless Router, which is a powerful hotspot that can be used for travel but also to power a home or office. 

2. The LTE Internet Router designed to connect more devices and power larger homes and offices - this also includes an ethernet cable for even better coverage.

The LTE Internet Router is our best device for high-speed reliable home or office internet, especially in rural areas where there is no fiber internet presence and where satellite connectivity is expensive and unreliable. Connect up to 32 devices. 

Our Portable Wireless Router is easily portable so you can work outside, take it on road trips, and use it as a strong, reliable hot spot.

Some of our users also use it to power their home internet if they have 5 or less devices to connect.

Let's see the two side by side: 

See the Wireless Portable Router in action below: 


See the LTE Router in action below: 

Some additional points: 

  • You don't have to choose just one. Many customers power their home or office with the LTE router and then use the wireless router as a hotspot to travel with! 
  • If you currently have the wireless router but would like to upgrade to the LTE router, you can just reach out to us here!