What is the Difference Between 4G LTE and Satellite Internet?

4G LTE and satellite internet are two different types of internet technologies that have their own unique characteristics. Below we have listed the differences between the two. The reason we're doing this is breakdown is because many of our users used satellite internet options before making the switch to HomeFi.

We have found that while satellite is one of the more common choices in rural areas, it tends to be much slower and expensive than our 4G LTE internet offering. 

So here's a quick breakdown between the two options! 

  1. Availability: 4G LTE is available in many urban, suburban and rural areas, and is offered by many mobile network operators. Satellite internet is also pretty widely available in most locations, as has previously been the standard option in rural and remote areas.

  2. Speed: 4G LTE typically provides faster speeds compared to satellite internet. The maximum download speed for 4G LTE can be up to 100 Mbps, while satellite internet download speeds can range from 12 to 100 Mbps, depending on the provider.

  3. Latency: 4G LTE has lower latency than satellite internet. Latency is the time it takes for a signal to travel from the source to the receiver and back again. 4G LTE has a latency of about 30-50 milliseconds, while satellite internet can have a latency of 500 milliseconds or more.

  4. Cost: 4G LTE tends to be less expensive than satellite internet, as it is often included as part of a mobile phone plan. Satellite internet is generally more expensive due to the cost of launching and maintaining satellites.

  5. Data caps: Satellite internet typically comes with data caps, meaning that users are limited in the amount of data they can use each month. 4G LTE plans can also have data caps, but they are often higher than those for satellite internet.

In summary, 4G LTE is generally faster and has lower latency than satellite internet, but is not available in all areas. Satellite internet can be accessed almost anywhere, but tends to be more expensive and has data caps.

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