How to Save Money on Internet

Here at HomeFi we are ALL ABOUT SAVING MONEY! It's the reason we started the business in the first place. We were tired of overpriced internet options and couldn't stand the the fact that rural America had such limited (and expensive) options. 

We're confident that our plans and devices make sense for most people across the country! So of course be sure to check out our offerings. 

With that said, we are still here to be a source of savings in any way we can. So we put together a list of ways to save money on Internet. Whether it's by using us or not! 

There are many ways to save money on the internet. Here are a few tips:

  1. Compare internet service providers (ISPs): Research and compare different ISPs to find the best plan for your needs. Check for any promotions or deals that may be available for new customers.

  2. Negotiate with your current ISP: If you are a long-term customer of an ISP, try negotiating for a better deal. They may be willing to offer you a lower rate or more perks to keep you as a customer.

  3. Use public Wi-Fi: If you need to access the internet while out and about, use public Wi-Fi instead of using your data plan. Just be sure to take security precautions, such as using a virtual private network (VPN) to protect your data.

  4. Bundle services: Some providers offer discounts if you bundle your internet service with other services, such as cable or phone.

  5. Cut the cord: Consider canceling your cable or satellite TV service and opting for streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. These services are often much cheaper than traditional TV subscriptions.

  6. Reduce data usage: Be mindful of your data usage and avoid downloading large files or streaming video when not necessary. Opt for lower quality video streaming when possible to reduce data usage.

  7. Use free software: There are many free software programs available that can replace paid ones. Research and try out free alternatives before committing to paid software.